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Types of Pet Doors

There is nothing as comforting and safe for households’ pets as the cozy home. However, for nature calls, your pets will rely on you to get them out. Moreover, any pet requires a daily dose of outdoors. Therefore, it is advisable to have a pet door.

The pet door can be a simple frame with an electronic opening. You can install it in a door, built into a wall, or inserted in slider track. In fact, most pet doors are easy to install by yourself, and some should be left to experts. The following are the types of pet doors you should consider.

Installed in a Door

This is a simple pet door that can be installed in a house’s exterior door. Ideally, it has a frame of plastic or aluminum and one or two soft flaps that the pets pass through. Of the pet doors, this is the easiest you can install yourself.

You should note that plastic can break or get flimsy. On the other hand, aluminum and flaps are likely to contract and expand depending on the changing temperatures. Over time, they get warped. The models with dual flaps have been found to be energy-efficient. Some units have lock-out panels that can easily be slid into place for security purposes.

Built-in Pet Doors

There are various companies that sell doors with the pass-through. In this case, you will have a door with pet door in glass built in and strong screen.

Installed in a Wall

There are times when the pet door is installed in a wall that leads to where you want the pet to be in your home. For instance, you can place it in a utility room, laundry room, or kitchen. This type of door provides an unobtrusive way of getting the pet in and out of your home.

Electronic Pet Doors

These types of doors are designed to allow only pets with sensor tags to get in and exit. You can program the tags and doors to allow pets in and out at different times of the day. Moreover, the door can remain locked at other times. The good thing about these types of doors is that they are good at keeping skunks, raccoons, snakes, and unwanted wildlife out.

Doors for Cats

Pet doors are synonymous with doors for dogs as long as they exit to an enclosed, safe space such as the backyard. However, for safety and health reasons, some people discourage the use of pet doors for cats.…